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Are you thinking of doing ballet grades as an adult?

Graded Ballet Classes for Adults

This is an attractive course for adults who have taken ballet classes  regularly in the past or are currently doing so.  

If you would like to get a certificate for all your ballet classes why not join our programme designed for adults. There is no age restriction and the syllabus is adult friendly. Classes run on Saturday mornings in small groups focusing specifically on ballet grades. Grade 3 is scheduled to start in May.

The ballet grade programme follows  a prescribed  ballet syllabus which  offers UCAS points at grades 6, 7, 8. They are as follows:

Ucas Points

Grade 6  30 - 40  points

Grade 7  35-  55  points

Grade 8  45 - 65  points

The grades start from grade 1 -8

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We enter candidates for ITDA and UKA exams

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Classes are run at Albany Leisure Centre